7 Practical Steps To Manifest What You Want (Using The Law Of Attraction)

For all of us, there is the world of desires and then there is the world of reality, and many people live their lives believing that there is no way to go from one world to the other.

But Gautam Buddha once said, “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

What do you mean by manifestation?

So let us first understand the concept.

Manifestation means turning an idea into a reality, that can improve your happiness and well-being. The process not only involves your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs but also includes a key factor and that is taking action.

So how can we take a goal or idea we have in our heads and make it real?

So the next step is to understand how the whole process works

1. A positive self-belief can help you manifest your dreams and reach your goals

If you believe that you can do something makes it more likely that you’ll successfully do it. That means that your beliefs about your ability to learn, grow, and succeed—your growth mindset—can indeed affect whether you effectively manifest what you desire.

In other words, if you truly believe you can achieve something, you are more willing to do the hard work to achieve it. Your beliefs bring about behaviors that lead to the outcomes you desire.

2. Your Expectation For A Positive Outcome

Your expectations, positive or negative, play an important role. The process of believing you are doing something to become better can set off positive effects, including an increase in endorphins. So, if you expect to bring your idea to life or reach your goal, you’re more likely to achieve them.

3. Negative Outlook And Approach

If you are already feeling bad, you are more likely to interpret neutral circumstances in a negative way.

And the more you think and act in a negative way about your goal, makes it harder is to reach that goal, as your actions are less motivated.

4. Positive Outlook And Approach

On the other hand, positive emotions enable us to think more creatively. Happiness leads to success and not the other way around. People who are generally happy and positive attract more opportunities, have better relationships, and seem to be able to manifest what they set their minds to more easily.

Researches have demonstrated how prayers and positive talk affect the crystallization of water.

7 Steps To Manifest Anything In Your Life

Your mind is in a constant state of “thinking”. So whether you are relaxing or concentrating, sleeping or exercising, your mind is constantly processing the impulses of data that come through the five senses. It’s how it tries to make sense of the world. Then based on this processing of information and analysis of data, your mind chooses your desires mostly at an unconscious level of awareness. However, these desires might not necessarily align with your conscious desires or wants, which is where conflicts arise. So it is important to get inner clarity first and then move on to the next steps of manifestation.

Step 1 – Become Self-Aware

You need to be crystal clear about the outcome you seek and the intention behind it. There shouldn’t be any vague idea about it in your mind.

Spend some time focusing to get clarity on your manifestation goal. Try to meditate or talk to a friend or just write down your thoughts. These can help you increase your self-awareness.

Step 2 – Get Clarity

While deciding what to manifest, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What would I really need in my life right now?
  • Is it something I really want or it is influenced by someone else?
  • When I achieve this goal, how will it make me feel? Will it make me feel happy?
  • Will this do any harm to myself or others?
  • Why do I want to manifest this? What difference will it make in my life?

By asking yourself these questions you can choose the right things to manifest—things that you will be more likely to believe in, things that you have positive expectations about, and things that make you feel more positive. As a result, you’ll be more likely to manifest them.

Step 3 – Remove Limiting Beliefs

We all have self-limiting beliefs at some point in our lives. So it is important to first identify them and then remove them. Ask yourself:

  • What is really stopping you from achieving your goal?
  • Where is this belief coming from? From others? From your past? Or your lack of commitment?

Once you are aware of what is stopping you, try to resolve and work on those beliefs. You may even take the help of someone at this stage.

And have patience. Do not expect everything to happen right in at that moment.

Step 4 – Visualisation

Visualizing what you want to manifest can help you feel positive emotions related to it more strongly. And those emotions can help you believe in yourself more. So just close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and imagine a scene from your future life as you desire it.

Try to experience it in all senses. How does it look, feel, sound, smell, taste? Give as many details as you can to make the visualization as real as possible.

Write down these visualized moments and keep them with you. You can read them whenever you feel doubtful.

Visualize the different stages of reaching your goal. This helps you to uncover any complications. If your goal is to write a book, see yourself editing the chapters one-by-one.

Visualization should be so realistic that you should feel like the event is being lived by you at that moment itself and you feel the emotional and mental intensity of its occurrence.

Step 5 – Recording It

You can do this by journaling your visuals or making a dream board or telling it to the universe or a loved one.

Come to it as often as you can.

Step 6 – Develop Habitual Actions

While being specific and visualizing are important, you also need to take action towards your goals. Thinking about your dream job and expecting it to suddenly appear isn’t likely to happen. Instead, take actionable steps.

Ultimately, it’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it. Habitual action means more than doing something repeatedly. It means working towards your goals step-by-step patiently.

One way to do this is through journaling for manifestation. Use affirmations to boost your mood and focus your perspective, putting yourself into the right mindset before you start working on your goals.

Remember, the more that you do something, the more you reinforce it. If you work towards your goals sporadically, you’re less likely to achieve them, because you’re not giving yourself enough time or opportunity to reach them.

Step 7 – Gratitude and Surrender

Spare 5 minutes every day to think about the areas in your life you could currently be grateful for – your friends, your family, the roof over your head, the food on your plate, the clothes on your back. Secondly, once what you have been manifesting is attracted to you, give thanks and appreciate what has happened.

With gratitude comes surrender. You must surrender the outcome to greater intelligence. This helps you detach. Hence, you won’t generate fear or doubt in the process. Faith can move mountains.


We all have a choice. We can choose to be different, and with choice comes change; and with change comes dramatic transformation.

And the process of change always begins with your thoughts.

In other words, everything that comes through your five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell manifests in the form of a thought. And this thought is processed by every cell within your body and manifests itself.

Manifestation is more than just magic. It’s a positive change in outlook and actions that boosts your chances of success. Manifestation isn’t about sitting and waiting for your goals to be brought to you by destiny – manifestation is about making your own destiny. The more that your goals become a positive force in your life through habitual action and meditation for manifestation, the more likely you are to reach them – that’s the science behind manifestation.

Have faith and stay positive

Be grateful

Thank you.

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