Ushma Tandel

B.H.M.S; M.D. (HOM.); CHt

Ushma Tandel

Ushma J Tandel from Mumbai, now settled in London, holds a degree of MD (Homoeopathy) & CHt (clinical hypnotherapy). She integrates these two parameters in her practice and has successfully treated myriads of ailments thus benefiting people from all walks of life. She is a passionate believer of the holistic (physical, mental, and spiritual) approach unique to homeopathy and perceives each case as distinct and one of its kind. This leads to painstakingly long hours of case analysis and thorough dedication to her patients but that being the supreme duty of a physician, is carried out at all costs. Her several years of experience in this field, tremendous patience in listening and understanding her patients’ needs have helped her fathom the workings of the complex human mind. To put it in her own words “Ailing hearts require a caring and patient ear to understand their problems and assist towards finding a solution … someone with a rational mind and compassion in her heart. Every person knows what can heal them. I am just here to assist them in their journey of self-realization and awareness”

Both Homoeopathy and Clinical Hypnotherapy are complete sciences in their own accord; each with their individual scopes and limitations. In some instances, only one of the modalities is used but in certain situations, an amalgamation of both; medicines at the physical level and hypnotherapy for the mind (emotional and thought level) prove more beneficial to the patient and help hasten the healing process.

She also has a YouTube Channel. This channel is created to share various hypnosis sessions, related to ‘Hypnosis’ ‘Hypnotherapy’ ‘Hindi’ ‘English’ ‘mental health’ ‘meditation’ ‘sleep’ ‘confidence’ ‘self-help’. These sessions are only guidelines and cannot be used as an alternative for any medical or therapeutic treatments prescribed to you.

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