Custom Made Hypnosis Audio

Custom Made Hypnosis Audio – £75

(Includes 30 mins consultation + Writing, Creating & Edition the MP3 file that will be delivered to you in 1 week)

Want a Personalised Hypnosis Audio, recorded specifically for you?

  • This is a customised, recording MP3 in which YOU decide the content. So, it is as good as having a Face-to-Face consultation.
  • An audio will be created using your name and the information you provide. This creates a very powerful effect!
  • Hypnosis is so powerful, but many people don’t understand it. In a matter of a few weeks of listening to it, people have turned their lives around.
  • All you have to do is book a 30 – 60 minutes session with me over Zoom using the Contact Me Section and from this session I will have the information I need to go and tailor make your very own 25-30 minutes hypnosis audio.
  • Within a few days, you will be sent a personalised recording mp3 file for you to play and use in your own time.

Online Consultation – £70 per session

(Includes 60 mins consultation + Therapy. Only by Appointments)

Book an Online Consultation with me.

  • Using Zoom, Skype or any other media or digital related-technology and software applications (e.g. FaceTime or WhatsApp), you can have your hypnotherapy consultations in your chosen familiar environment, including the comfort of your own home. Other methods of communication (telephone, email and email chats/texts) can also be used to facilitate your treatment.
  • All you have to do is book an appointment with me, using Contact me page or email me at